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Silver Sponsor 

SeekXR is the world’s first and biggest augmented reality community. We empower clients, creators to easily share and engage with their audience. Our goal is to create a central location where anyone can find, create, and explore the infinite possibilities of augmented reality.

Seek is a global platform that utilizes mixed reality to create powerful and interactive engagements for customers. Selected Seek Brand partners include: Unilever, Lionsgate, Six Flags, Samsung, Universal Pictures, and Cinemark.

We also create location-based campaigns to drive customers to targeted locations where they will find rewards and be immersed in a mixed reality experience unique to brands.

Seek’s platform is used to create and share mixed reality experiences on brand pages for customers and followers. 

Seeks has also created Seek Studio which is a platform that allows any user of any age to create compelling AR content in their own without any programming skills required.