Jeremy Dalton

Jeremy Dalton

VR/AR Lead, PwC UK

Jeremy works in innovation at PwC, immersing clients in new ways of thinking and helping them to understand emerging technologies and their relevance. His particular specialism is in virtual reality and augmented reality technology which he is personally invested in (both mentally and financially). 

He believes VR/AR will play a significant role in how we live and work in the future and has given multiple talks on the subject globally from SXSW in Austin to the Battle of Ideas in London in an effort to spread the good word. 

Technology has always been his passion and he's used it to - among other things - provide internet access to a remote village in Ghana, teach mathematics online, and mentor school students on building mobile and web applications. 

Having come from a mixed British/Arab heritage, Jeremy was born in London but spent most of his life living in Dubai. He returned to the UK to study mathematics at the University of Southampton and met his Turkish wife while spending a semester abroad at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. 

He also happens to be a Chartered Accountant (but prefers not to advertise that too loudly!)