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Add sense of touch easily and simply to VR and simulation with Toia. 

In development since 2004, Toia was originally developed to allow natural interaction and object manipulation with virtual objects using force-feedback haptic interfaces.  Over the past 12 years it has evolved and been applied to multiple application areas, primarily education and training such as: dental and surgical simulation, rehabilitation and more recently it is being used by universities for secondary school level biology and psychology experiments.  Now it has applications across gaming, the arts (giving audiences the ability to interact with museum exhibits), distance-learning (giving students the chance to feel the textures and grooves in a fossil as they excavate material as part of an archeological community dig), retail (feel the fabric of a dress on Amazon), creative industries and engineering.  Toia is the first platform to democratize haptics, bringing it out of the domain of a select few experts and making it accessible and affordable to industry and individuals across multiple areas of life and work.