Stand B10

For 32 years, Dell has played a leading role in transforming the computing industry, making advanced technology more accessible and affordable to people and organizations around the globe.


Stand D14

Foundry designs creative software technologies used to deliver remarkable visual effects and 3D content for the design, visualization and entertainment industries.


Stand G22

AiSolve is a technology provider and creative production house specialising in the design and development of intelligent and responsive digital media solutions.


Stand F10

CL specialises in immersive technology. We have a long history working with virtual worlds ever since we were founded in the year 2000.


Stand F20

ZeroLight are pioneers in the field of commercial visualisation for the automotive industry.


Stand G21

Motivated by the need for improving training in the medical and surgical disciplines,


Innoactive delivers VR and AR enterprise software across all industries.


Stand E15

Konica Minolta deliver solutions that provide transformational business benefits, which turn your corporate information into valuable business assets.


Stand C25

We specialise in the visualization and publishing of engineering and manufacturing data utilising existing CAD and PLM assets for use in the latest Digital Realities devices.


Stand G21

Add sense of touch easily and simply to VR and simulation with Toia. 


Stand B25

The Transport Systems Catapult are the UK’s technology and innovation centre for Intelligent Mobility -  using new and emerging technologies to enable smarter and more efficient transportation of people and goods.


Zappar is a leader in AR on mobile, accessible through its free-to-download app (or third-party apps with Zappar embedded within them).


Stand E12

Vicon delivers highly accurate 3D motion capture systems for use in Augmented & Virtual Reality.


Stand E20

Meet YONDR, an agency based in Antwerp (Belgium). Our team is on a mission to create a global ecosystem of VR professionals by bringing people together in an exclusive network.


Accelerate QA are a specialist provider of Quality Assurance services to the Immersive technology sector. Ensuring brand reputation and customer delight.


Stand F15

Advir is the first company providing programmatic immersive advertising in VR and AR by indexing inventory from publishers, and programmatically serving relevant ads to end users through large DSP partners.


Stand E13

For 20 years Blueprint has been delivering world class events and communications  for our clients globally from our London headquarters.


Stand B21

Halo Labs is the world’s first web-based VR/AR product design platform.


LZK Services is one of the first companies offering immersive technology services.


TruVision, one of the UK’s leading and award-winning virtual reality studio, provides high quality, quick turnaround and cost-effective VR solutions for the construction industry.


REWIND is a globally recognised content production agency. The team uses creative technology and strategic thinking to create innovative experiences for brands like the BBC, NBC, Jaguar, Red Bull, and Björk.






Stand C24

Our app transforms any smartphone into a mobile 3D scanner, no need for any additional hardware.


Stand F13

Aura 360 is an authoring and content management suite for immersive 360 experiences.


Stand TBA

Digital technologies have transformed the automotive industry, reaching into almost every process and revolutionising how vehicles are designed, built, maintained and sold.


Stand C22

We are Morgan and Anna from Dual Good Health - a London-based startup working in the area of medical training in virtual reality.


Stand H5

Transform your CAD data into impressive 3D and AR!


Stand D13

Focal Point VR's Ubiety platform is a highly optimised, broadcast quality VR video software platform


Stand F12

Fracture is an 18-month old startup which helps multiple industries use advanced Mixed Reality technology to do what they do better, faster and cheaper.


Stand G20

Go Touch VR presents VR Touch, a wearable ring that creates a real contact under the user’s fingers. The coupling of virtual and real contact generates in the user the illusion of touching a real object in VR.


Stand C21

Holo-Light is an Austrian software development company, founded in April 2015. We offer Windows Holographic solutions and are a leading company in Europe concerning software development on Microsoft HoloLens.


Stand C12

HSO delivers flexible, comprehensive business solutions for your needs today and your vision tomorrow. Accelerate success with Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX & CRM.


Stand A20

Igloo Vision designs, develops and delivers immersive 360° projection systems.


Stand E10

We are OPTO, a hardware startup based in London. We develop products and services that aim to shape the future of computing and communication.


Stand B24

Pearson is transforming education and training through the use of immersive technologies including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and 360° VR content.


Stand C20

Percept Imagery is a highly creative visualization agency with a focus on developing hyper realistic virtual reality experiences for marketing, training and learning.


Stand D12

Experience full architectural and emotional immersion with our VR Ambience Viewing Solution!


Stand C12

Recreate, founded in January 2014, is a company that aims to improve the world using both current and future disruptive technology.


Stand F14


Stand B22

We are SENSIKS.  We have created a SENSIKS experience cabin wherein various experiences can be simulated.


Stand C10

We tell stories of work for good. We deliver digital storytelling for people working in international development and global social issues.


Stand D10

Virtual Reality Hire Ltd is a company based in the UK, offering short term rental solutions of VR equipment for large events, conferences and parties. We supply to clients across the UK and Europe.


Stand C14

Viscopic provides Mixed Reality experiences for industrial training situations. By simulating real world scenarios as interactive holographic scenes, education of employees becomes location-independent and cost-effective.


Stand G10

The VR/AR Association (The VRARA) is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies


Stand B20

The Wizdish ROVR is a patented VR Treadmill that lets you walk, run, skate or snowboard in Virtual Reality.

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