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6 Zones
VR/AR/MR Vision

The technology and strategy arena. Hear, learn and discuss best practice business models, key trends in the market, monetisation, lessons learnt from the gaming world, advances in technology, killer Apps and what the future holds.

  • What will be the killer apps for consumer AR, MR and VR beyond gaming?
  • Where are the biggest business opportunities outside gaming for AR, MR and VR?
  • Challenges for smart glasses adoption
  • How and when will widespread UGC evolve in VR?
  • What will be the impact of WebVR on VR content?
  • Engines and the future possibilities for VR content development
  • 5YFN – clear strategies and tips in an ever changing, ever more competitive environment
  • Billions in investment in AR, MR and VR hardware and software: But when, where and how will the returns come?
  • Digital Reality: where are we now, where are we going and how big can this get?
  • Where are the investment opportunities in AR, MR and VR?
  • Best practice business models and monetization opportunities for AR, MR and VR?
  • Making Digital Reality social
  • The human benefit potential of VR. Can virtual worlds ever really be more meaningful than real life?
  • Where are the biggest business opportunities outside gaming for AR, MR and VR?
  • HoloLens mixed reality learnings
  • Seeing and using your hands in VR
  • Making use of 360 VR tours
  • Creating and monetizing non-gaming AR, MR and VR content
Marketing and Retail

Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality present marketers, retailers and consumers with a great opportunity. Hear about the opportunities for brands, product experiences and retail opportunities.

  • AR, MR and VR content and storytelling for brands
  • Retail: VR for retailers; how to add value to your customers
  • AR, MR and VR for brand engagement
  • Transforming how we shop
  • The future of AR, MR and VR travel
  • AR – The Missing Link in Retail
  • How can organizations create better brand experiences using Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality?
  • Understanding the value proposition
  • A new retail reality: The power of VR to showcase products directly to consumers
  • Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality: Where Should Brands Focus?
Training, Education and Healthcare

Visit the schools, hospitals and businesses of the future. Hear how immersive technologies will play a role in reinventing employee, student and customer experiences. This part will explore new opportunities in communication, education and collaboration, training and simulation, field operations, and customer service.

  • Leveraging AR, MR and VR in your business
  • Will AR end up being the dominant platform for enterprise going forward?
  • Are education and training the natural home for full scale VR experiences? Are there limits to its application that we need to focus on as it gains traction?
  • Enterprise smart glasses projects
  • The commercial opportunity for Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality – tools for industry 4.0
  • Training the healthcare professionals of the future
  • Consumer and outpatient market
  • VR and fitness
  • Best case uses of AR, MR and VR in enterprise outside of B2C marketing
  • Education AR, MR and VR: Exploring innovations in the education sector. How can companies develop their employees skills?
TV, Entertainment, Sport, Culture & Media

How will we be watching and interacting with various media channels in the future? Discover how VR, AR and MR are transforming audience engagement and harnessing empathy like never before.

  • The Opportunities for Publishing with AR and VR

  • Entertainment: The opportunities in AR, MR and VR for new content and new formats. Discover tools to enhance user experience
  • How Theatres Are Evolving To Include VR Experiences

  • Livestreaming with VR
  • The place of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality in arts, culture and heritage. Improving visitor engagement and open up experiences to the wider world
  • How will virtual reality change viewing habits in the multi-billion dollar sports market?
Construction & Engineering

Immersive technologies will be hugely important in the fields of engineering and construction, by increasing efficiency and profit margins. This section will look into how a virtual environment can be used to inform and improve processes, from the design stage through to the finished product.
  • Creating the factory of the future

  • Immersive technologies in product design and development
  • Howi construction going digital?

  • The future of property viewings and real estate
  • Visualising data using AR and MR
  • Testing viability and taking BIM to the next level
Developer Theatre

With advances in AR, MR and VR moving forward at pace, a lucrative new world of opportunity for developers exists.

The Developer Theatre will bring together developers and creators of Virtual , Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences to share best practices and demonstrate new tools and technologies.

Discuss and define the tools and techniques needed to produce the best VR, AR and MR content. Learn best practices, gain an understanding of the market & monetization trends, create new business partnerships, and exchange ideas with innovators shaping the industry.

Join programmers, producers, designers, business professionals, artists, and audio creators involved in the development of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual reality.

  • VR, AR and MR Trends in Development
  • Marketing VR, AR and MR Products and Experiences
  • VR Analytics
  • Localisation Technologies for Next-Generation AR Content
  • Digital Reality Opportunities in Healthcare
  • Re-defining the Adult Porn Industry
  • Developer Lessons Learnt
  • Creating Real, Engaging Narrative
  • Lessons Learnt from Developing VR
  • How VR Confounds Design Expectations
  • WebVR: Building for the Immersive Web
  • Mixed Reality Design
  • Augmented Reality in the Workplace
  • Applications of Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality