“Immersive technologies will present huge opportunity for self-expression, discovering shared interests, and meeting other users.” – Danny Lopez, Blippar

Danny Lopez, COO at Blippar, will be speaking at VR World taking place on the 16th and 17th of May at Olympia Conference Centre in London.

Danny joined Blippar in August 2016 following a career in both the private and public sectors. Blippar is a global technology company that brings the physical world to life through smart devices using augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Blippar, a pioneer in augmented reality, created one of the first sustainable business models for the technology through branded interactive experiences and has today expanded its reach into the realms of education and enterprise solutions.

Danny Lopez, who will be talking about what new experiences can be unlocked with VR and AR, took some time to answer our VR World Speaker Q&A:

Please tell us a bit about the work you are doing in the VR/MR/AR space?

Blippar is a tech company that specializes in AR. Our flagship app is the world’s first visual discovery browser using both AR and AI to give you more from the world you see - more information, more value and more entertainment. Through machine learning and computer vision, we are teaching cameras to recognize like humans, so that they understand their surroundings before augmenting it and adding a layer of information. This means that once users have downloaded the app they can then blipp (scan) objects or images they are curious about to unlock useful and entertaining content about it. Additionally, Blippar recently opened up its proprietary AR technology, allowing developers, brands, and agencies to seamlessly create and design AR experiences on their own through self-service tools.


What benefits do you think immersive technologies can bring to your industry?

AR is a horizontal disruptor which will have an impact across all industries from Advertising and Entertainment to Enterprise and Education. We can already see the benefits of AR in terms of customer engagement, consumer and learning experience, and sales results. Immersive technologies can have a huge impact when they are used strategically.


Do you think enterprise is ready to take full advantage of immersive technologies? Why/ why not?

Absolutely, it is ready. There are several opportunities for immersive technologies to thrive in the enterprise space, even beyond job training and simulation purposes. More jobs and industries are introducing digital platforms to existing workflows, but since most of today’s devices are handheld, they’re actually interrupting the workflow, rather than streamlining. The computing power is what makes for more efficiency, but jobs still require both hands for certain tasks. VR and AR gear like convenient, hands-free glasses and headsets that overlay necessary information to complete a task. This will take off sooner than we think.


Which industry do you think will be most impacted by VR/AR/MR technologies?

We’ve already seen the entertainment and gaming industries having the most obvious impact from VR/AR/MR. Closely following in its footsteps is advertising and consumer engagement, especially for the retail and CPG industries. These industries will continue to profit as immersive technologies become more sophisticated.

However, there’s ample opportunity elsewhere, especially in the smartphone and mobile device industries. For example, AR is a modern day computing platform, where the camera is the most critical piece of hardware. And the most prevalent camera infrastructure today is right in people’s hands -- their phones. We’re not far off from AR being fully integrated with every smartphone, and it will reshape the mobile economy beyond solely apps.


Where do you see immersive technologies in the next 18 months?

We’ll soon realize the potential for immersive technologies to be used for communication purposes and social networking, and we’ll see major advancements in this space. Immersive technologies will present huge opportunity for self-expression, discovering shared interests, and meeting other users.


How can we boost content creation for VR applications?

Creating content for VR is still costly. Last year, we opened up our technology through AR self-creation tools allowing anyone to seamlessly create AR experiences no matter their technical skills. If we, as an industry, continue to democratize our learnings, it could ultimately help boost accessibility, accelerate adoption, and thus, promote opportunities for content creation, too. Improving camera infrastructure and hardware support for immersive technologies will help boost content creation as well, as we continue to better understand how to integrate the software content with VR applications and platforms.


Are there any projects or applications of VR/AR/MR that you’ve seen that are particularly impressive and why?

In the run up to Christmas we brought Covent Garden to life through AR. We introduced gamification which set thousands of people on a reindeer hunt across the Covent Garden Piazza! And we worked with 120 stores to bring some of their products to life. We bridged the gap between the digital and physical worlds and provided a glimpse into the retail experience of the future, which was very exciting. 


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