VR, AR and MR in Manufacturing

Whether it’s to increase efficiency, improve safety and training, or to enhance the user experience, immersive technologies have numerous useful applications in the manufacturing process. At VR World 2017 (www.vrworldevent.com), we will be bringing together some of the key thought leaders and visionaries working with AR, VR, and MR technologies in manufacturing - from the product design stage through to execution.

One of the key benefits of using VR, AR and MR in manufacturing is for improved predictive analytics. Immersive technologies are allowing engineers to visualise products pre-production, leading to better, more viable designs, which saves both time and money. Chris Freeman, AR Technical Lead at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing, elaborates: “Advanced visualisation technologies offer step change opportunities in how information can be communicated. Virtual, and in particular augmented reality, can revolutionise this interaction.” He continues that “in a manufacturing sector which is facing massive skills shortages over the next 20 years, organisations are going to be required to produce more with fewer bodies. Technologies such as AR and VR will enable engineers to handle more information and make quicker decisions, thereby reducing the risk of mistakes.”

Being able to visualise a product before it’s manufactured also has benefits for the end user. Brian Waterfield, Virtual Reality Lead at Jaguar Land Rover, points out that immersive technologies are enabling JLR to gain “a deeper insight into the customers' passion for our products”, by “sitting inside a virtual vehicle before any physical proto-types are developed. This gives us a great advantage, to enable work outside of normal physical restrictions.” The ability of engineers, designers and developers to interact with their designs before implementing them leads to invaluable foresight and greatly enhances the user experience.

And it’s certainly not just the automotive industry that is taking advantage of VR, AR and MR in the development process. ISG’s Preconstruction Director, Matthew Hurrell, highlights how making “visual methods of communication universal and more easily interpreted” can help the construction process, “as it increases the chance of how an idea or a desired output or method is understood. This in turn mitigates the chance of misinterpretation and possibly error. Tie this in with how visual media can provide multiple outcomes or options and it invites better and more confident decision making. “

Another key use for immersive visualisation is for education and training purposes. Jonas Boström, Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca, details how the pharmaceutical industry can take advantage of this: “At AstraZeneca we believe we have taken a leap into the future design of drug molecules by developing an Oculus Rift-based virtual reality molecular visualizer where scientists can be teleported into small and large molecules.” He goes on to add that VR could even be a source of inspiration: “Visualizing and interacting with molecular models is a significant part of a drug designer's day job and every improvement should matter. By exposing the drug designer to a virtual reality, a deeper understanding may be achieved, and new ideas could spark which might not have been imagined in a different (and traditional) setting.”

These are just a few examples of how immersive technologies are revolutionising manufacturing – and we are still only just scratching the surface. To find out more and hear some of the most innovative case studies across the automotive, construction, pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment sectors, register for your pass to VR World 2017 online here: www.vrworldevent.com/registration.html. We look forward to seeing you there!


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