Avril	Furness

Avril Furness

Independent VR Film Director

Avril is an Independent Virtual Reality, 360 and Film Director, Writer, Producer based in London.

Avril’s most recent VR film ‘The Last Moments’ is an interactive docudrama film that allows the viewer to experience an assisted suicide and either end their life or carry on living. The choice the viewer makes directly impacts the outcome of the film and allows for choices to be polled to help spark debate on this sensitive issue. Shot at Bristol Museum’s 2015/16 exhibition: ‘death: the human experience’ in a replica of a room at Dignitas, Switzerland; the film was nominated for Best Director at UnderWire Festival; Nov 2016. It has been shown at London Short film Festival, and at London Film Festival as part of the Education programme at BFI, as well as Websummit Lisbon and is due to be shown at Encounters and other festivals later this year.

In a previous life before filmmaking and graduating film school in 2015, Avril was a Copywriter and Art Director at London Ad agencies Fallon and Wieden+Kennedy.