Mark	Knowles-Lee

Mark Knowles-Lee

CEO, Fracture Games

I’m the co-founder of Fracture, a digital creative company focused on Mixed Reality. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible on the new Mixed AR platforms.

Previously I have setup and run commercially successful games teams and studios, run digital incubation teams and going back further had a successful career in Technical Art and Creative direction.

My interests are wide - I’m passionate about Technology, Computer Vision, Real time CGI, AR, VR, Mixed Reality, UX and how they all come together to change our world. I get a kick out of using data to improve design, experience and revenue, from qualitative data, (user experience and testing), through to analysing quantitative data of millions of player interactions. Coordinating between Tech - Creative - Acquisition - Marketing teams has been recent step up for me which I have relished.

Solving creative problems, optimising pipelines for both collaborative design and efficient 3d content creation and working in tight sync with the best creatives and engineers is how I like to spend my time when I’m hands on. 

When its hands off time I love to present, attend talks (on as wide a topic range as I can manage) and meet interesting folk from as many different spheres as possible.