Iain Cant

Iain Cant

Research Engineer, Virtual Engineering Centre, University of Liverpool

Iain Cant is the lead Project Engineer for Immersive Technologies at the Virtual Engineering Centre.

Iain has a creative and industrial design background with extensive knowledge and experience in immersive technologies and haptic 3D modelling.  Iain was responsible for establishing the UK’s first haptic modelling centre.

In addition to a background in specialist software evaluation and introductions, Iain has extensive experience in supporting advanced manufacturing organisations in evaluating and adopting digital immersive technologies into their standard operational processes with a broad knowledge of the software and hardware environment for VR/AR applications.

A key contributor to the three year collaborative R&D project STRIVE (Simulation Tools for Rapid Innovation in Vehicle Engineering), Iain worked with Bentley Motors and a number of technology SME’s to develop new digital tools and processes enabling Bentley to achieve a key strategic target, reducing product development time, whilst enhancing build quality.

Access to the VEC’s open innovation ‘sandpit’ facilities and bespoke virtual reality labs, developed by Iain and the team, enables companies to co-innovate, develop and explore solutions in a virtual world and work on innovative solutions.

Iain also teaches next generation urban and industrial design professionals at the University of Liverpool’s London campus, providing them with the skills required to incorporate the latest  digital technologies into their specialist disciplines such as architecture and design.