Dr Abraham Campbell

Dr Abraham Campbell

Head of the VR Lab, University College Dublin and CRO, meetingRoom

Abraham (Abey) is an experienced technical lead, researcher and lecturer, based in University College Dublin. 

● In pursuing research into the combination of Augmented Reality, Multi-Agent systems, Ubiquitous Computing and Immersive Virtual Reality, Abraham has published over a dozen peer-reviewed papers.

● PhD in Computer Science, thesis entitled " AuRA: Defining, Developing and Evaluating Augmented Reality Agents". 

● Published in 

○ (C) conference & (J) journal)  Computer Graphics/Augmented Reality published in ISMAR (C) and IJHCI (J)  

○ Ubiquitous Sensors & Ubiquitous Computing published in AMI (C) & AMT(C)  

○ Mobile Application Development published in MoMM (C) & MIS (J) 

○ Multi-Agent Systems published in CASA (C) and IVA (C)  

○ Immersive Virtual Reality published in Presence, Virtual Reality & CIE journals 

● Reviewer for 

○ IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (2011-17)

○ IEEE Virtual Reality (2012, 2015,2016,2017) 

○ ACM Journal on Computers in Entertainment (2011/2)