Rob Crossley

Rob Crossley

Head of Games & Digital, Creative England

Rob leads Creative England’s games investment team, supporting developers across England with up to £250,000 funding for each project. 

Since joining Creative England in September, he has revised the company’s revenue share model to make it more developer-friendly, and has helped grow Creative England’s presence in the industry by establishing and strengthening key partnerships with industry organisations. 

His big vision for Creative England’s games group is to transform it into a co-publisher. Already he has established working partnerships with two publishers, arranging a co-financing model that will provide funds and support across the entire lifespan of a games project, from prototyping to publishing. 

He also manages two bespoke funding programmes: GamesLab Leeds (providing grants for prototypes) and Greenshoots (a PC and Xbox games investment initiative in partnership with Microsoft). 

Rob’s career in games spans ten years, having covered the industry as both a business and consumer journalist.